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Picks from proprietary model projections. Fully transparent methods, fully transparent results, across 7 different leagues.


profit for $100 bettors


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Frequently asked questions

Where can I view the results of the Marked PPM Picks?

We are 100% transparent in our model based pick history. All time results can be viewed on our website results page, and results from August 2020 forward can also be viewed on FlipPick is a company that verifies all picks posted to the platform and doesn't allow anything posted to be delted or altered which confirms accurate results.

How can I access Marked for free?

Marked offers a 7 day free trial that will give you access to all site features during that time. You are not charged at all furing this period, and can cancel at anytime.

Does Marked have a support team?

Yes. Marked offers 24/7 customer support on our contact page.

Can I talk to you first before commiting to a paid plan?

Yep. Feel free to contact us any time before or after you signed up with any questions about the app to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Does Marked offer dfs lineups?

Yep. Lineups for every slate are crafted and published on our site based on our marked ppm player projections, which show a number of useful projections like fantasy points, ceiling, floor, ownership, and proprietary stats exclusive to marked like cash game and tournament rating.

Does Marked offer sports betting picks?

Yes. Marked offers picks based on our proprietary projections, with results posted publically since 2018.

How do I access the app?

The web app is available on all mobile and desktop devices. The link to access is

Where can I find the picks?

Our Marked PPM picks can be found on our Marked PPM picks page under the sports betting section. The url is

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