You Do Fantasy Predictions Too?

Yes! We have taken the same approach to fantasy as we have in sports betting. What is great about fantasy is that it is player vs player, not player vs house, which creates a much easier format to profit.

With our fantasy package, you will get player predictions for every player on every day of game action, in addition to our optimal lineup for cash games and gpp formats. These predictions are from our advanced predictive software, which has been backtested and proven to offer highly accurate projections that lead to consistent winning lineups.

Fantasy Lineups

Composed lineups for every slate derived from our advanced algorithms projections. 

-NFL Advanced Player Projections & Lineups

-NBA Advanced Player Projections & Lineups

-8 Advanced Player Stats & 1 Team Stat

-Bankroll Management Strategy & Info

Fantasy Stats

Advanced Fantasy Stats To Improve Your DFS Skill & Profits.


-2 Combined Player Stats, 1 Team Stat, & 4 Daily Stats

-Adjusted Player Pts/Minute

-Consistency Rating

-Adjusted Team DVP Rating

-Daily Score Projections

-Daily Value Projections

-Ceiling & Floor Stats

-Projected Ownership %


-1 Combined Player Stat, 1 Team Stat, & 3 Weekly Stats

-Adjusted Player Pts/Minute

-Adjusted Defensive DVP Effieciency

-Weekly Score Projections

-Weekly Value Projections

-Projected Ownership %


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