3 optimized brackets, all Marked PPM based.

Full Bracket Projection

With our March Madness Plan, you get 2 full bracket projections. The first one is the one with the highest probability of occurring, and the 2nd one is optimized for bracket pools to include undervalued teams with good sleeper ratings & contrarian plays in combination with our model's projections to build the best bracket possible. 

Exclusive Metrics

Marked offers metrics like sleeper rating, probabilites for each team to make it to a certain round, and full team rankings based from our Marked PPM team ratings that you will find no where else.

Algorithm Driven Picks

The only way to beat a highly accurate Vegas line is to create an even more accurate line yourself. At Marked Sports™, this is exactly what we did. Our algorithm is an innovative predictive software, and has been proven to work over years of testing. With these models, we generate projections for a game to then compare to the Vegas betting markets and analyze where the edges (and the profit) are. 

Daily Game Projections 

Marked PPM game projections foe every single tournament game. These projections include projected score, win probabilities for each team, game total, game spread, projected stats, and more. 

Good Strategy =  Good Results.

Bankroll Management Done Right

To maximize returns, you need a smart system that will tell you exactly how much to risk on a particular bet to maximize profits and limit losses. At Marked Sports™, our bankroll management strategy does just this.

Proven Methods Only

Our picks, algorithm projections,  & bankroll management strategies are backtested and proven to work in practice, so there is assurance that you are getting freshly updated and working materials.

People lie, data doesn't.

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