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Full NFL Season Projections & Futures Bets Derived From Our Advanced Models

Looking For Win Totals, Division, And Super Bowl Futures Bets?

Want A Deeper Look Into Which Teams Are Actually Good, And Which Just Look Good?

Want Our Advanced Model Projections For All 256 Games?

We Have You Covered.

It's one of the best times of the year: Football Season is almost underway.

Our NFL Analytical model is ramped up for this season, and is ready to go. Without further ado, here is our full NFL preview which includes:


  • Projected wins for all 32 NFL Teams

  • Projected standings for all divisions and conferences

  • Projected scores, win chance, advanced stats, & winners of all 256 regular season games

  • Team Total over/under picks

  • Chance for each team to win their division

  • Chance for each team to make the playoffs

  • Chance for each team to finish with the #1 seed

  • Playoff seed & picture predictions

  • All futures bets with detailed explanations and the percent edge on each bet

Let's take a detailed look about what is included in the package, along with some real previews in each category.


Cumulative Power Rankings

After we combine each team's position group ratings into an overall offensive and defensive rating, we can create an overall ranking of all 32 teams heading into next year based off of our proprietary ratings.

EX. After losing Tom Brady among other very talented players, the patriots fell from #2 in our rankings in 2019 to #14 in 2020.


Advanced Unit Ratings

All of the factors that go into each team's overall rating are broken down into categories to deeper analyze each team. These stats include Pass Offense, Rush Offense, Offensive Line Grades, among many others that form into 1 team rating in the end.

EX. The New York Jets have the lowest projected offensive line pass block rating going into next year with a 71 rating (29% below league average).


Win Totals

After simulating the NFL season 10,000 times with our proprietary team ratings, we offer up what each team's average win total was.

EX. For next season, the panthers have the lowest win projection at 4.92.



After we have each team‘s projected win total, we can create our expected standings for next season for the whole league, each conference, and each division.

EX. For the 2020 season, the Ravens top the AFC standings by a narrow margin.


Scores For All 256 Games

Our model projected game by game stats, scores, and winners for every single game will be included. As the year goes on, this will update to account for each teams new rating.

EX. In week 15, we have the Tennessee Titans beating the Detroit Lions 57% of the time, with an average score of 27.41 to 25.07


1st Round Bye Chance

All 32 teams chance of earning the #1 seed in their conference, even the bottom feeders (Jags, Panthers).

EX. In their first season away from Oakland, we have the the Las Vegas Raiders with a 3.68% chance to earn the #1 seed in the AFC.


Chance To Win Division

Each teams chance to win their division. Next year, we have the Bills winning the AFC East for the first time in very very long. EX. In the tough AFC West, we have the Broncos with just a 16.12% chance of topping the division next year.


Futures Bets

With our projections, we can look at the betting market and find edges through various bet types. One of our biggest Future’s bets heading into next season Is the under on the Bears total with over a 20% positive edge.

EX. One of our favorite bets for next season is the under on the bears win total of 8.5 at +130, with a crazy large edge of 42.9%.


If you have any further questions about what is included, how to pay, or any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us with the contact form located on our site.


Football Season Will Be Here Before You Know It 👀

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Our stats & analytics offered in our packages are the same ones that we use in our own predictive models. They cannot be found on any other site whatsoever, as they were created by our own team of data scientists and are disclosed proprietary information. All of our stats come with detailed explanations of what it is trying to show, and how it is best used so you don't miss out on any potential benefits.



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