2019 Recap

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

2019 was our most profitable year to date. Let's see how we did:

NFL: Our NFL season has been extremely profitable all the way through, from week 1 and now until week 16. With the playoffs coming up soon, there is still plenty of more opportunities to grow on our winnings. 

NBA: We started off slow in the NBA season, but quickly rebounded as our models stabilized. We have now turned a profit heading into 2020, and look forward to continue our recent success. 

CFB: Like our NFL season, our College Football Season was very successful all year long. This was our first year our college algorithm was put to use, and the results speak for themselves. 

CBB: No college basketball picks have been released in the 2020 season yet, but our algorithm produced great profits when it debuted just before last march madness tournament, and even predicted the correct winner of the tournament in Virginia. Within the next few weeks our CBB picks will get rolling once again, and the profits will be great once again. 

Overall, the year was outstanding. As the graph shows, our winnings were consistent all year long, which our advanced proprietary algorithms have shown for years now. With SB Sports Investments, you get a consistent investment system, not a gambling system.. This is why we succeed, and 99% fail.

Who's Ready For 2020?

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