5 NFL Draft Day Trades That Attack Teams Biggest Weaknesses

The NFL Draft is almost here, as we are only 7 days away. While we have already pointed out who teams should pick in their current spot, there are definitely some opportunities for teams to maximize their draft haul by moving up or down. In this article, we have 5 trades that teams should make to attack their biggest positional needs according to our proprietary team ratings.

Note: Our ratings are based on a scale where 100 is the average. Higher is better on offense, and lower is better on defense. A full list of all of our NFL Stats can be found in our NFL Stats Plan.

1. Giants (#4) trade back to select CJ Henderson, CB, Florida.

Defensive back for the Giants is one of the most glaring needs in the entire NFL Heading into the draft. The Giants defense last season was ranked 29th in the NFL. Specifically, their pass defense ranked 31st ahead of only Miami. Trading down to aquire additional picks while also selecting their ideal player is a big win for the giants and new head coach Joe Judge.

2. Eagles (#21) Trade up to select CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma.

Philadelphia ranked above average in every single category last season, besides pass offense rating. Although they were heavily affected by injuries, the talent they had was still underwhelming on the outside. Adding Lamb along with Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz will create a scary offense next season.

3. Minnesota (#22) Trade up to select Henry Ruggs, WR, Alabama.

Minnesota traded Stefon Diggs this offseason to the Bills, which leaves a giant gap at the wide receiver position. Henry Ruggs is a speed demon whose even faster then Diggs and has the tools to develop into a legitimate NFL star. Minnesota is a very talented team and could be a legit contender next season, so filling the hole created by Diggs trade is what they need to do if they are serious about winning a super bowl anytime soon.

4. New England (#23) Trades back to select Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame

New England was a team that always had a dominant Tight End for last 10 years. Last season, they had the worst TE position group rank in the NFL, and their offense suffered because of it. Kmet is already a polished receiver at the Tight End position, and has great size and reach. The Patriots have tons of picks in this draft, but none in the entire second round. Moving back and getting a few extra picks while filling your biggest need on offense is a win for New England.

5. Falcons (#16) Trade up to select Javon Kinlaw, DT, Auburn.

The Falcons defense ranked below average last season in Pass Rush Rating (110 Rating), and 30th in Overall Defense by our ratings. They need to make a move to get a player who can both rush the passer up the middle, and be stout in the run game. Kinlaw can be that player for Atlanta that helps them fight for a playoff spot next season.

These teams all have glaring weaknesses that need to be adressed by moving up or down in the draft. If they can pull off these moves, their teams will greatly benefit next season and for years to come as a result.

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