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Algorithm Driven Picks

The only way to beat a highly accurate Vegas line is to create an even more accurate line yourself. At Marked Sports™, this is exactly what we did. Our algorithm is an innovative predictive software, and has been proven to work over years of testing. With these models, we generate projections for a game to then compare to the Vegas betting markets and analyze where the edges (and the profit) are. 

Daily Game Projections 

With a premium package, you not only get access to our daily algorithm driven picks, but also get to see our daily game projections. These projections show every aspect that we think will happen in the game, featuring model powered projections, cover probabilities and betting values for spread, money line and total bets. These tools give you the data to analyze teams and make your own picks yourself. 

Good Strategy =  Good Results.

Bankroll Management Done Right

To maximize returns, you need a smart system that will tell you exactly how much to risk on a particular bet to maximize profits and limit losses. At Marked Sports™, our bankroll management strategy does just this.

Proven Methods Only

Our picks, algorithm projections,  & bankroll management strategies are backtested and proven to work in practice, so there is assurance that you are getting freshly updated and working materials.

People lie, data doesn't.

Moneyback Guarantee.

90 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Our methods are proven over years of results and refinement, and if done right, they will work. If you fail to generate profit after 90 days of using our strategies, we will provide a full refund of your purchase price, plus an additional 25% of your purchase price on top of it. Over 4 years, we have never had a customer claim a refund. 

Support With Experts

When a customer reaches out with questions, they go right to our top analysts, not a random customer service representative. This gives every customer the crucial information they are looking for whenever it is requested.

Top Rated Support.

Highly Accurate Algorithm Driven Picks?

Complex & Efficient Bankroll Management Strategy?

Model Score Projections For Every Game Played?

We Have You Covered.



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  • Bankroll Management 

  • Sports Betting Startup Guide

  • 90 Day Moneyback Guarantee

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